*To be eligible for a rifle build with MAG you must have attended one of our courses or been a client of our sister organization High Mountain Hunts.


Mons Altus Group produces custom rifles in either hunting, competition, or hybrid platforms; in very limited quantities*. First and foremost, MAG is a training platform, but in the realm of long range shooting, we were unsatisfied with many of the offerings and disinformation that is typically available so we began producing systems that we know work and work well in the conditions in which they were intended. In our case, it is the demanding rigors of mountain hunting and fast paced competition. Because of this, we are not attached to a particular brand, but the combination of components and the end results. We rigorously test every component and system in the field so you don’t have to. We only use those components that have passed our testing as a system. Because our rifles are produced in such limited quantities, the configuration is more of a concierge process than a checklist; you will end up with a rifle system that meets your needs in every way.